Dairy Australia continues to deliver a program of regional activities, information and support for dairy farmers nationally.

Dairy Australia's Regional Development Programs are your local connection and are the place to go to find out about what's happening and available in your region.

Making the most of the milk price this season

Farmers looking to take advantage of high farmgate milk prices this season continue to be challenged by ongoing cost pressures and variable conditions across the country.

In response Dairy Australia is focused on ensuring farmers have access to the best information possible around effective feeding and management options to make informed decisions as conditions unfold. 

Dairy Australia’s self-assessment tool ‘My Summer Farm Strategy’ allows you to generate factsheets and resources specific for your farm operation through a short survey to help you make the most of the milk price.

To browse all resources available, visit the ‘Making the most of the milk price’ initiative.

  • Hay report

    Read about hay and its contribution to farm inputs and costs.

    Hay report
  • Grain report

    Regularly updated national and international grain market reports.

    Grain report
  • Growing, grazing and conserving

    Read the content relevant to growing, grazing and conserving your own feed.

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  • Planning and budgeting

    Discover methods and techniques for managing feed during tight times.

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