Keeping cows on the curve through summer

Australian summers are becoming warmer with an increased number of hot days and warmer nights.

Keeping cows on the curve during the summer months is very important. Read the fact sheet for tips and advice on how to effectively keep cows cool.

Download the 'Keeping cows on the curve through summer' fact sheet.

Key messages

  • Provide shade and use sprinklers to help keep cows cool
  • Provide cows with unrestricted access to cool, fresh drinking water
  • Make adjustments to your milking cows’ diet to help sustain daily nutrient intakes
  • Consider changing milking and feeding times
  • Maintain grazing residuals at 4 - 6cm to optimise pasture persistence and autumn re-growth
  • Ensure that dry cows and heifers also have adequate shade and cool, fresh drinking water at all times