Managing quality and supply risks when buying feed

This spring - summer, with very low fodder reserves, many farms will be highly reliant on bought-in fodder and other feeds.

For these farms, managing quality and supply risks when buying feed will be very important.

Download the 'Managing quality and supply risks when buying feed' fact sheet.

Key messages

  • Focus on securing your fodder requirements first
  • Check feed thoroughly before buying and at delivery for quality
  • Use feed analysis to see how each feed stacks up in terms of its relative cost per unit energy and protein
  • Take the time required to collect a truly representative sample. Don’t take short cuts
  • Ensure your feed sample gets to the laboratory ASAP with minimal deterioration
  • Confirm verbal agreements with feed suppliers in writing
  • Ensure that the feed delivered to your farm is as specified
  • Consider whether your farm’s feed storage facilities will be adequate.