The impact of your feeding decisions

While it can be tempting to cut corners, it is always important to provide sufficient nutrition to your herd to support growth, pregnancy and milk production.

When fodder supplies are limited, forward planning is essential so that you are supporting a stocking rate that is sustainable for your reserves of feed. This includes animals which are not currently lactating.

Feeding your young stock appropriately ensures that they are able to maximise their lifetime potential, which will pay dividends in the long term; compromising on dry cow nutrition is likely to have a negative effect on body condition, which then impacts future fertility and profitability.

Watch nutritionist Dave Huggins talk to GippsDairy's Ruairi McDonnell about how to make the most of feed in a tight season.

Download the 'The impact of your feeding decisions' fact sheet.

Key messages

  • Underfeeding animals can have implications beyond the current season
  • Fully feed fewer animals