Crop and pasture mites

Australia’s major mite pests are the red-legged earth mite (RLEM), blue oat mite (BOM), balaustium mite and bryobia mite. Brown wheat mite and two-spotted mite are also considered important pests.

All of these mites look similar and can coexist in the same area. Monitoring is a critical to accurately identify the pests and control their population.

The most commonly used techniques to monitor mites are visual  assessments, suction sampling, pitfall traps and germinating seed baits. It is important to inspect crops from autumn to spring for the mites and feeding damage, weedy areas and pastures adjoining fence lines are the best places to inspect.


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Key messages

  • Monitoring is essential for early detection of crop mites
  • Early control of summer and autumn weeds within and around paddocks can help to control mite populations
  • Some mites are highly tolerant of pesticides, so correct identification is necessary to apply the right control method