My Summer Farm Strategy

This self-assessment questionnaire will help you focus on your farm strategy this summer and direct you to fact sheets and tools of most relevance to you.

'Every year is different, and every farm is different.' No truer is this statement than this year, with farms across Australian dairy regions, and within each region, having been presented with a diverse range of settings this spring-summer.

Farms relatively unaffected by drought conditions, which have been able to (re)build their conserved fodder reserves and still have pasture and other fresh forages available, are experiencing favourable operating conditions. Farms affected by drought conditions, with virtually no pasture and minimal conserved fodder reserves, are experiencing very challenging operating conditions.

One positive feature of the present dairy farming landscape for most farmers in Australia is the very strong milk price. Dairy farm businesses need to take maximum advantage of this, to maximise profit and (re)build equity or, in more difficult circumstances as described above, to minimise losses and remain viable.

This self-assessment questionnaire will help you focus on the many aspects of your farm strategy this summer and achieve the best possible outcomes for your farm. (It is easy to miss things when you are under pressure). It will help by directing you to fact sheets and tools relevant to your situation. The questionnaire should take you about 10 minutes to complete. Please answer the questions as realistically and honestly as possible to gain maximum value from the process.


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