Ensure you have effective feeding and management options over the coming months. Take a summer farm strategy self-assessment for personalised information using our new tool.

Farmers looking to take advantage of high farmgate milk prices this season continue to be challenged by ongoing cost pressures and variable conditions across the country.

In response Dairy Australia is focused on ensuring farmers have access to the best information possible around effective feeding and management options to make informed decisions as conditions unfold.

Dairy Australia’s self-assessment tool ‘My Summer Farm Strategy’ allows you to generate factsheets and resources specific for your farm operation through a short survey.

My Summer Farm Strategy ensures tailored information for current conditions so you can make the most of the milk price.

Access the ‘My Summer Farm Strategy’ tool.



  • Favourable operating conditions

    Farms with plenty of pasture still available and relatively unaffected by drought conditions would be considered to have favourable operating conditions going into summer.

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  • Challenging operating conditions

    Farms affected by drought conditions, virtually no pasture and minimal conserved fodder reserves are experiencing some really challenging operating conditions going into summer.

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  • All dairy farmers going into summer

    With a strong milk price, dairy farm businesses across Australia are looking to make up some ground and build equity in more challenging operating conditions, minimise losses and remain viable.

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