Favourable operating conditions

Dairy Australia has created a range of resources designed for farmers who still have plenty of pasture and are less affected by drought conditions.

In this video, Feedbase and nutrition lead, Ruairi McDonnell shares some key considerations about planning your forage strategy for summer

Use these resources to maximise spring feed with nitrogen, make the most of spring pasture, manage pasture paddocks in dry conditions, dry off perennial ryegrass over summer, and use canola in your herd's diets.

You may have already conserved good levels of silage or hay and have enough water - or be able to secure it. You may also be able to continue to grow crops, feed cows and conserve more fodder.

The main options if you have more favourable operating conditions are:

  1. Continuing to maximise the production of home-grown feed through efficient fertiliser use;
  2. Good grazing management;
  3. Ensuring cows are fully fed a high-quality diet to sustain milk production into the summer months