Back of the envelope feed budgeting

With high fodder and grain prices, it is even more important to complete a feed budget to calculate how much feed is needed to meet milk production requirements.

Using a farm example, this fact sheet shows how to calculate the amount of feed required.

The final part of the fact sheet is a worksheet for you to work through for your farm.

Completing the worksheet gives you the total herd feed deficit (dry matter [DM]) for the time period you choose, e.g. 30 days or 60 days.

You will need information such as animal numbers, grazing area and feed on hand to work out the feed deficit.

Download the Feed Budgeting Spreadsheet Tool

Download the 'Back of the envelope feed budget' fact sheet.

Key messages 

  • Feed budgeting is an essential planning tool
  • Use this simple feed budget to calculate how much feed in tonnes of dry matter you need to purchase