Taking stock

Taking Stock is well known, with nine out of ten farmers who have done it saying they understand their situation better, feel more confident to make decisions about their farm and would recommend it to other farmers.

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All dairy farmers can access free one-on-one advice from experienced advisers through Dairy Australia’s Taking Stock program.

Taking Stock is a free three to four hour consultation on your farm or location of your choice, with an experienced consultant.

The consultation aims to address the specific needs of farmers, including any physical, financial and people issues that are identified, resulting in a tailored action plan.

This could include:

  • Feed options, planning and budgeting
  • Managing a fodder shortage
  • Herd decisions and animal health
  • Cash budgeting
  • Managing your farm team during tough times
  • Meet the bank

Action plan templates are freely available to download for farmers, advisors and consultants.

Download the Taking Stock Action Plan

Download the Taking Stock Action Plan (printer friendly)