Feed budgeting tool

In any feed shortage situation, the first question is how much feed do you actually need to buy? 

It is important to do a feed budget and to ensure that you know what quantities of feed to buy each month to produce the monthly volumes of milk required to generate budgeted milk income and profit.

Watch this short video on how some simple advice on how to feed budget.

There are a number of feed budgeting methods and tools available (paper and software based) and many dairy advisers who can readily assist you. Dairy Australia has feed budgeting tools available from the website. These are digital or paper based.

The three steps to conducting a feed budget are

  • Calculate your monthly feed demand
  • Calculate the total feed deficit for each month
  • Calculate the quantity of bought in feeds required per month

Download the Feed Budgeting Spreadsheet (updated 13 January 2020)

Download the 'Feed budgeting' fact sheet