Growing, grazing and conserving

Growing, grazing and conserving feed is fundamental to the management of most dairy farms, particularly in seasons where bought in feed costs are high. Good management of home grown feed where conditions permit is important this year to reduce reliance on bought-in feed and exposure to inflated fodder and grain prices.

As a result of the impact of dry conditions on feed availability and prices farmers are considering their options to close their feed gap. Dairy Australia has put together a set of resources and tools aimed at giving farmers information that will assist them to assess their situation, manage their feed and make key feed decisions.

Information on the specifics of seasonal management practices is supplied, with consideration given to costings, animal nutrition and pest management.


  • Spring

    Maximising what you can grow, graze and conserve through spring will be essential this season

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  • Pasture and crop pests

    Knowing the most common crop pests.

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  • Five steps to silage

    Making and feeding high-quality silage with lower fibre levels encourages higher feed intakes and better cow performance.

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