Forage Value Index - select the perennial ryegrass that suits your farm

The selection of better performing cultivars will help to increase pasture productivity at key times of the year and ultimately, farm profitability.

The Forage Value Index (FVI) is a new tool that helps Australian dairy farmers and their advisors to make more informed decisions when selecting perennial ryegrass cultivars. It provides an accurate, reliable and independent assessment of the potential economic value of perennial ryegrass cultivars in different dairy regions of southeast Australia.

Download the 'Forage Value Index: select the perennial ryegrass that suits your farm' fact sheet.

Key messages

  • FVI information allows users to rank cultivars according to their region and user nominated attributes (e.g. seasonal yields, ploidy, heading date, endophyte)
  • FVI ratings are calculated annually using independent industry variety trial data
  • FVI is ever growing, additional trial data will be included over time (e.g. regional performance data, new cultivars, new traits and other pasture and forage species).