Feed budgeting

These feed planning and resource management tools are backed by Australian feed and pasture data to most accurately reflect the needs of your herd.

Feed budgeting

To plan your feed budget, the first question is how much feed you actually need to buy to meet your milk production requirements. 

There are a number of feed budgeting methods and tools available (paper and software based) and many dairy advisors who can readily assist you.

Calculate your herd requirements using the Feedbudget excel spreadsheet tool.  This tool assists farmers to calculate the amount of bought in feeds required, using information such as herd size, grazing area, pasture type and growth rates and forage inputs.

Wastage can add to the amount of bought in feed required, and the cost of those feeds.  Reduce wastage to lower costs of feeds. 

Example of wastage costs

The cost of wasting 25% of a $14,000 load of hay is $3,500. Reducing this wastage from 25% to 10% would save $2,100, leaving a feed wastage cost of $1,400.

Download the Feed Budgeting Spreadsheet

Download the Stock Water Budgeting Tool

Download the 'Feed budgeting' fact sheet