Stock water budgeting tool

The stock water budgeting tool helps you assess your risk of running short of stock water at key times of the year.

The tool takes ten minutes and uses data you already know, like your herd size, milking shed, water use and storage size.

The data is used to estimate, from the first day of each month, how many days' water supply you have available.

Stock water budgeting tool

The estimate is only based on your on-farm storage and does not consider sources you may be able to access like spring, pumping from waterways or bores. This tool will help you to see when these alternative supplies will be most important, it can also give you an indication of the amount of water that your farm requires from these sources.

Download the 'Stock water planning' fact sheet


Key messages

  • You can’t cut back cattle water requirements – you either need to save more in the dairy shed, or increase your storage
  • On average, a milking cow needs at least 155 litres of water per day, and more in the warmer months