Managing your farm team

Managing your farm team is particularly important during challenging seasons. 

Look out for yourself and your team

Resilience is the willingness and capacity to accept that there will be good and bad times ahead, understanding our reactions to these experiences are normal, and putting strategies in place to manage these unforeseen events.

Being able to discuss issues openly and seeking advice can enable dairy farm businesses to work through these unforeseen events, with an accurate factual assessment of the situation.

Download the 'Managing your farm team' fact sheet.

Make time for an interest off-farm

In challenging times, it can be difficult to think of anything outside what is happening on your farm. Having time away (or off-farm) even for a few hours, can help clear your mind and allow you to make better decisions when back at work.

This might be catching up with family and friends, sporting or community related activities, or being involved in a local group like the Young Dairy Network (YDN) or a discussion group.

If you employ people

The current situation may impact on their future employment within your farm business – it’s important to keep the lines of the communication open so your staff feel informed and supported.

Before doing anything:

  • Consider how you can roster staff to ensure you get some time to rest, knowing the farm is being operated in a safe manner
  • Think about how you can maximise staff expertise and hours in your dairy business, as well as having adequate staff cover for leave, etc.
  • Consider the employment arrangements and systems you have in place, including employee entitlements.

For more information, visit The People in Dairy website.